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I’ve been working on trying to get the spreadsheet that I use to keep up with all of my coupons from inserts ready to publish on the site so that you all can use it too. I’ve found it to be extremely helpful to print this spreadsheet out each Sunday after updating it, hole punch it and put it in the front of my binder. I am not a coupon cutter. I’m a filer, so this makes it much easier to find coupons when I see an unexpected deal or when I am working on coupon match-ups. Take a look and tell me what you think!  You can see the spreadsheet HERE.

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  1. I do the same thing I file then organize my spreadsheet

  2. Do you add all the coupons – like i was looking for random ones to see if you had everything and like o.b. coupon was not there from this past weekend

    • Coupons are regional, so up to this point I’ve been adding the ones from the Southeast Region. The ones I’ve listed the past two weeks are from the Atlanta Journal. Which area are you in?

  3. Ami,
    Can you freeze the top line (titles) so that it travels with you as you scroll down the page? Thanks for all your work. I’m just getting started in this.

    • Hi Jane! Let me work with it and see what I can do! That’s a great suggestion! Let me know if you think of anything else that would help!


  4. I am new to this also and I think this is the best thing since sliced bread.

    • Thanks Tiffany! Speaking of sliced bread…I just added a Pepperidge Farm loaf of bread coupon to the spreadsheet! :-) It will be in with tomorrow’s coupon inserts!

  5. Use Freeze Panes for keeping the headings and scrolling through your list. Thanks for the great idea of the spreadsheet! I am new to this and trying to figure out what works best for me!


    Open the excel file that you need to freeze panes in. Freezing panes can be helpful if you have an excel sheet that takes up a lot of space horizontally.
    # 2

    Highlight the column or row that you wish to freeze panes on. For example, if you want to freeze column A and B, then you should highlight column C.
    # 3

    Locate the view tab in the top right section of Excel’s interface. Click on the tab to bring up the view options.
    # 4

    In the window section of the view tab you will see a button that says “Freeze Panes. Click on it.
    # 5

    Now you will see three options. Click on the option that best describes your needs.
    # 6

    Click the first option if you want to freeze the panes that you previously selected. Be careful because if you selected a cell, instead of a column, you will freeze panes both horizontally and vertically.
    # 7

    Click the second option if you wish to freeze the top row.
    # 8

    Click the third option if you wish to freeze column A.
    # 9

    At any time you can just click on Unfreeze panes to start over.

    Read more: How to Freeze Panes in Microsoft Excel 2007 |

    • Hi Denise! I’ve actually been using Numbers for Macbook, but I’ve just updated the spreadsheet and the header column is now frozen and will scroll with you. Thank so much for the advice and the tips! Let me know if you have others!


  6. LOVE this!
    Question: I’m located in New England — are my coupon inserts the same as you? Or do I have to create one with my own?
    Comment: A thought for you — could you put a ‘last updated’ date on your spreadsheet?


    • Most of the coupons are the same, with minor regional differences. I just added the last updated date to the bottom on the spreadsheet! Let me know if you have other suggestions!


  7. Are you going to continue to update this? I just stumbled across it and love it!

    • Yes, I update it each week. I had a week when I was on vacation where it was delayed, but it is 100% current now. I’m so glad that you find it useful!

  8. Just found your web site…your spreadsheet is just what I’ve been looking for….I know it took a lot of work…thanks a million…

  9. This is great, thanks

  10. Really love the spreadsheet…such a lot of work and just want you to know it is appreciated….thanks you!
    greetings from Central Florida, The Villages, Florida, Floridas Friendliest Home Town!!

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